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Friday, June 11, 2010

Corn / Peas / Raisin Idli

Ok, so I am not going to tell you how to make the idli batter at home, simply because,these days, almost every local grocery store and obviously all the supermarkets have ready-made idli batter that you just need to take home and start using. No getting together the ingredients, no waking up and remembering you forgot to soak the dal and rice last night, no messy and noisy and time-consuming grinding. I know, our mothers used to do all this at home, but these days it only makes sense to use the facilities we have, especially as when you use these batters you will realise how convenient they are.

These idlis would be great in the school lunch-box, as well as prove good to be served in that 5-o'clock snack time.

Idli batter
a little raai (mustard seeds)
salt to taste
a little refined oil for greasing
boiled peas and corn - mashed
thin sliced tomatoes
boiled and finely chopped mushrooms
grated carrots
coconut cut into small pieces
a little mint leaves


In the idli batter, put some raai and salt as per taste. Mix well.

Grease the idli maker.

Take a small quantity of the idli paste and pour it in one of the idli-maker tray.

Now put a thin slice of tomato and put some more idli batter on top.

Similarly, repeat the process as you begin to fill the other trays. Use mushrooms in some, corn, raisins and peas and grated carrots in the other.

Now put the flame on medium and steam the batter for about 20 minutes or as is required.

Once you put off the flame let it cool for another 15-20 minutes. Now take a knife and put it slowly in the idlis. If it comes out clean it means the idli is cooked. If there is any batter in the knife, you may need to steam it a little more.

For the chutney, grind the coconuts in the mixer using some water and salt. Chop the mint leaves and put it in the coconut paste. Use this as a dip with the idlis.

Suggested fillings: You can also use eggs with the idlis. Beat the egg in a bowl. Put a little amount of idli batter in the idli-maker tray. Now put some of the egg over the same and then put some more idli batter. Steam for making idli. Your egg-idli will be ready. You can make a tomato dip or use some tomato sauce to go with the same.