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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yes it is...A Wonderful Afterlife

Gurinder Chadha's new Brit-Punjabi comedy is here and boy, is it funny and different? The movie is based on the obsessions of an Indian-origin Britain-resident Punjabi mother whose main aim now is to get her 'big'-sized daughter married to a good Indian boy. With this you throw in a few murders and spirits and you are all set to have a good laugh and even feel the spooks....

Cast: Shabana Azmi (Mrs. Sethi)
Goldy Notay (Roopi)
Senthil Ramamurthy (Raj, D.I. Murthy)
Sally Hawkins (Linda aka Gitali)
Director: Gurinder Chadha

Plot: The movie starts with a few murders being reported in the Indian community of Britain, centred around SouthHall. The police is baffled as all the victims have been killed by a person who has clearly put his/her cullinary skills to use here. They begin a hunt for the killer.
In the meanwhile, Mrs. Sethi is a harried mother. Her plump daughter has been rejected by prospective families and she is unable to find a suitable match for Roopi.
Roopi's friend is Linda, who has recently returned from India and has taken on an Indian avataar, complete with a name and dress change. Now she is Gitali and will only wear loud Indian dresses like bright red lehenga-cholis at home, or salwaar kameez and such. She even manages to get engaged to an Indian boy from the local Indian community, and this leaves Mrs. Sethi in tears. Though she is happy for Linda,aka Gitali, who is her daughter Roopi's best friend, yet she cannot understand why people only look at outward appearances while getting married.
In the middle of all this arrive the 05 spirits whom only Mrs. Sethi can see and speak to.
As the plot moves on we slowly begin to know more about the murders and eventually get to the murderer.
Though the movie is essentially a comedy there are scenes when the spirits take over and these are some of the spookiest and most scary scenes we have had in recent times. It is actually scary and you can feel the entire hall going quiet.
The music, though there is a lot of it,is not there too much in the movie, just in snatches.....
But its surely a watch....
Go have fun as you watch the afterlife in this life....a different and funtabulous one at it :))