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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Simple gift ideas for Mother's Day on 09th May 2010

Mother's Day is just round the corner and as with all other 'days' now,this too is being commercially over-played.We dont need a special day to tell our moms that they are our world,that it is they who have made us what we are,that they are the most lovely blessing God could have sent us.But since this day is such a big celebration now,here are a few very simple yet loving ways for you to show your mother on this special day that you care for her:
1.Make her a hand-made card.Yes,this goes true for us grown-up adults too.In today's digital and electronic times when everything is online,she would be extremely happy to find an old mailman at her doorstep,handing out an envelope from her daughter.
2.If you have a child,take their help and engage them in making a card for grandma.Your ma will call you as soon as she opens the card and you will hear her love in the tears of joy.Let your child draw a simple picture on the card,if too young your child can simply scribble and that can be the card pattern,if its an older child,encourage them to write a short poem for grandma.
3.If your ma lives nearby,bake her a cake,or make her a pudding or even something as simple and yet delicious and healthy as a fruit custard.If there is something she particularly savours make it for her instead.Let her indulge this one day but keep a track of the extra sugar and oil and other such ingredients.
4.If your ma loves to just spend time with you,go and be with her on this day.Leave aside all your other work commitments and make it her day.Make her feel special.Sit with her,talk,go through old family albums together...your ma will love it.
5.If she likes watching old movies,arrange a collection of old movie DVDs for her and gift her.Even better,watch it with her.
6.Similarly,if she likes old music,gift her a self-compiled music collection.You can include an audio message in the DVD,or record something just before every song,sharing a memory.
7.You can make a collage of pics for your ma.Just get together pics that show you and ma together and you can put it in place.You may add other family members as you wish.
8.These days there are many digital options available in the market.You can get printed a pic of you/your siblings and your ma on a coffee mug,on pillows,in clocks,on plates,on an apron,on a towel,even on refrigerator magnets.
9.If ma loves a particular brand of perfume,or maybe a lip-shade,gift her one.Chances are she will never tell you when she needs one and just that you got one for her out of your own thought will mean the world to her.
10.If you can get your hands on old family movies,those that used to be shot at home,get some together and make a movie.It does not have to be from when you were a baby,even the ones when you were older will do.The idea is to share those wonderful memories with her once again.
11.Make a custom photo-frame.Get a family picture framed in a regular plain frame and then adorn it as per your mother's taste.You may use dried flowers or leaves,shells,mirrors,simple things like pasta pieces and noodles uses creatively,simply make something at home,rather using those ready-to-make frame kits
found in stores.
12.Use some fancy paper,like sand-paper,rough paper and write a short something for her,a short poem,a few lines,a quote she loves,anything that you think she will like.Use a glitter pen or any fancy ink and write in a nice new stylish font.There are many ideas available on Word doc to help you with your calligraphy style.You can make this paper into a kind of poster,or a small stick-up,or insert it in a magnetic frame or even get it simple framed.
13.Give her the day off.Take over all her duties,including cooking,cleaning,shopping,arranging the house,knitting,sewing...just whatever it is she does the whole day.Tell her you will take over for this day and let her enjoy in her own way.If you think she would rather enjoy with you,chuck the cooking for some time and call in food,spending the free time with her instead.
14.Write her a letter.And if you have a child,encourage them to write a letter to grandma.
15.Every child knows her/his mom like no one else and every mom has different likes and preferences.Use these ideas above and custom-make them as per your mom's taste.

Have a great day and tell me what you did on Mother's Day.Happy Mother's Day to my ma and all the mothers everywhere :)))