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Friday, May 21, 2010

Rabid Bull sold off to butchers...infected meat up for sale in Mumbai !!!

On Tuesday and Wednesday the papers here were filled with stories of how a rabid bull was creating rampage,seriously injuring people,especially senior citizens and posing a threat to many more. Within 24 hours,the crazed animal had injured over 51 people in Kalyan... After officials from the fire department failed to capture it,it was finally caught by 4 butchers on Wednesday evening.Immediately after that it was tranquilised by a vet and sent to an abattoir in Bail Bazaar,Kalyan,where it was butchered.
What is most alarming here is that even though the vet who tranquilised the animal had told the Mumbai newspapers that the bull was clearly showing signs of being rabies-infected and needed to be kept under observation for a few days,the dead animal was immediately sold to the butchers who put up the meat for sale.
The blame game started early Thursday morning as fire officials said the bull was at the cattle shed,a visit to which by the newspaper team revealed the captured animal had never been sent there.Later in the day the fire chief changed the statement to 'the bull died on Wednesday night and has been buried in the dumping ground"...this was again negated as the sanitary officer for the dumping ground denied any animal having been buried since Wednesday.
So now the question is not where the dead bull is...the question the rabies infected meat going to land up in your plate because of the disgusting corruption of some of our officials...or are we soon going to read about a tragic death of an innocent after having eaten meat that was clearly meant to be disposed off?