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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The official cheers age worldwide

So the Maharashtra government has decided that if you are below 25,you cannot hold your drink,literally..As per the new law coming up in action in Maharashtra,any person below 25 years will not be served alcohol. Don't know if this is good or bad or right or wrong,but here's a list of what the rest of the world thinks of the legal age when a person is mature enough to drink and purchase alcohol:

Afghanistan,Brunei,Bangladesh,Iran,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Yemen,Pakistan(21 for non-Muslims)

Below 18 years:
Botswana,Eritrea,Morocco(no limit on drinking age),Sudan,Tunisia(15 years),Zambia,Haiti,Georgia(no limit on drinking age),Cyprus,Germany(16-18),
Gibraltar(no limit on drinking age),Luxembourg,Malta,Netherlands(16),UK(age 5 in private,age 16 in public with a meal and accompanied with an adult,18 otherwise)

18 years
India-18 to 25,varies between states.Drinking prohibited in Manipur, Gujarat and Mizoram.
Cameroon(purchase age 21),Egypt,Ethiopia,Ghana,Malawi,Namibia,Niger,Nigeria,Rwanda,
South Africa,Swaziland(no limit on drinking age),Uganda,Zimbabwe,Argentina(no drinking age limit),Bahamas,Belize,Bermuda,Bolivia,Brazil,Canada,
Chile,Colombia,Costa Rica,Cuba(no limit on drinking age),Dominican Republic,Ecuador,El Savador,Guatemala,Honduras,Jamaica,Mexico,Panama,Puerto Rica,
Uruguay,Venezuela,Azerbaijan,People's Republic of China,Hong Kong,Israel,Jordan,
Malaysia(no limit on drinking age),Mongolia,Nepal(no limit on age of purchasing alcohol),North Korea,Philippines,Singapore,Taiwan,Turkey,Turkmenistan,Austria,
Belarus,Belgium,Bulgaria,Craotia,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France(no limit on drinking age),Germany(16-18),Hungary,Republic of Ireland,Latvia,Lithuania,
Macedonia,Moldova,Montenegro(no limit on drinking age),Norway(no limit on drinking age),Poland,Russia,Portugal(driniking age 16),Romania(no limit on drinking age),Slovakia,Slovenia(no limit on drinking age),Spain,Sweden(18and20),
Switzerland,Turkey,Ukraine,Australia(no limit on drinking age),New Zealand(no limit on drinking age),Fiji,Guam (US),

Above 18:
Parts of India,Nicaragua(19),Paraguay(20),United States,Japan,Oman,South Korea,SriLanka,Tajikstan,Thailand(20-no limit on drinking age),UAE,Iceland,Sweden(18and20)

No Limits: