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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Need some new !!!!

So finally that day has arrived when I really, and I mean,really, DON'T have any more space for my beloved....I have tried every space there was, and even where there was no choice left,I really really tried to compromise and accommodate. Tried with tact,with reasoning,with pushing and frustration and anger....but it just doesn't seem to work anymore..
For you see,I am totally unable to get a place for my books any more.... my beloveds, the ones I cherish with all my heart,the ones who have continued to be my friends since the past so many years,who have grown with me.....I have tried all ways in my bookshelves,tried to make space in every inch that was left unoccupied,also tried (though unsuccessfully),to take up some space on hubby's shelf....but now the options are over....
He says I should stop buying now,that I should start a library and begin to rent out my books to strangers !!!! My strangers ??? Is that even a sane thought !!!?????? Remember those moments when you pick up an old book and bury your nose in the yellowed pages....aah the fragrance of the written world....the way the sound of those pages create a flutter in your heart each time you flip the pages with your thumb? Each of my book has a special memory attached to it,I remember clearly when I bought them...And I always write my name on MY books and also the year and month it was purchase in...imagine the joy of opening the book 40 years from now and seeing those fading names? I have with me a few very old books,books that my maternal grandfather had bought or had been given as a present by my grannie,the front page still has their names on it...even after so many years....and I love to see it always..thinking of the time she must have given it to him,those times,those memories..
My daughter has inherited a huge love of books and I know I am going to give all of these to her....right now I have around 200-250 of them,but I know they will keep growing as the years progress :))
Of course I will go and get lots and lots and lots of books,but first let me get back to try and make some new space.....