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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movie Housefull .... How ???!!!!!!

One of the most pathetic and over-hyped movies of recent times.... Please my dear fellow readers, DO NOT go by the many glorified reviews around..I cant believe that the TOI gave it a 3-n-half rating !!!! Or maybe I can believe.....
This movie has been made keeping in mind all those lonely young guys out there who have never had the good fortune of having a real girlfriend, who have tried all forms of entertainment in various categories and are now so desperate that the only way they can feel good is by sitting in a movie hall and watching 03 thin dumbettes wearing almost nothing (which carries on through the entire length of the movie and on many occasions you will actually feel the ladies forgot their bottoms and came out just wearing the top...Trust me,03 hours of just looking at semi-nude women talking and acting dumb is not such a good idea even for you guys out there....
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Arjun Rampal,Lara Dutta,Deepika Padukone,Jia Khan,Boman Irani,Lillette Dubey.
Direction: Sajid Khan Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala

I will not attempt to reveal the plot here as there is nothing to reveal,the only thing that was there to reveal has been duly done by the 3 women in the film.

Verdict: Akshay is totally wasted.Playing dumb is one thing and playing so dumb that you actually begin to look irritating is another thing altogether.But he manages to be irritating here for a change.Once when he accidentally hurts Lara's pet he goes out to the pet shop and gets a tiger home,since that was the only animal in the shop with the same name! And then he forces Lara and Riteish to sit down with it and accept it as part of the family.In one scene a monkey snatches Deepika's phone and he goes and talks to the monkey in Hindi (this is in London).Finally the monkey gets irritated n slaps Akshay, then follows a slapping match,where both keep slapping each other!
The movie is so lame even a kid would not find it funny. Some younger children had grown so restless during the screening that their parents were forced to move out.We too had thought of getting up and leaving but since the tub of butter popcorn was still crispy and very much full, we decided to just sit and watch.
After the interval it began getting a little bearable but soon lost its way all over again.In the climax scene,the entire cast is present to see Arjun Rampal receiving a gallantry award from the Queen.Yes, they even went to the effort of digging out duplicates of the Queen,Prince Charles and even Camilla Parker Bowles..But thats not all...In one of the last scenes Riteish the hall is filled with laughing gas and everyone is in splits.Riteish sits with the Queen who is sitting on the floor much for Her Majesty's security....he tells her something and then the Queen replies in Marathi !!! Can you beat that?
The movie is good if you want to shut off your brains and only watch the babes and what their skimpy bikinis so desperately try to cover up. But seriously, is that the only last resort you have in life ????