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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Motormen on hunger strike...roads flooded, cell lines crash !!!

The motormen have gone on strike and I totally understand their frustration.This was the last resort for them to make someone hear of their plight and do something about it.As much as I did not have any issue with the strike,or should I say a direct issue,I have begun to see since yesterday how it is affecting our lives too.Since I do not have to use the famous Mumbai locals I am spared the trouble.Same for hubby who has a carpool with a very good friend in the building and uses his own 4-wheeler for going to the office and back.But as the motormen went on strike yesterday,the entire rush of the stations flooded onto the streets,thus creating a chaos everywhere.
As I called hubby to know where he had reached he told me in that tired and irritated voice that he was still stuck very much at the point where he had started.The train commuters had poured out onto the streets,flagging down anything they could get,buses,autos,taxis..anything....There were people everywhere and no one was moving...At least hubby had his good friend along. I knew apart from the irritation of sitting inside a car for three hours they would have a great time talking about the usual boring boys'/mens' talk of shares,markets,trading,derivatives,stocks and all that reeeaaaallly boring stuff!!!!
It was already late now and I was downstairs in my building's park when I saw a few of my friends frantically trying to place calls to their hubbies who had still not reached home.Most of them were unable to get through the calls as the cellular traffic was crashing out everything and the 'familiar' aunty on the phone kept repeating that all lines to the called destination were busy.I tried and got the same response.Since we had a lot of free time to ourselves,it was used wisely in gossiping ;)
Even after my husband reached home there were calls being made to and fro,to know who had reached where and what was the situation on the road.Planning and plotting was already on in full swing as the TV was switched on to the news channel,all eyes on the motormen's strike.Once the lines were a little less congested,hubby started planning for the next morning,should they leave earlier,should they opt for work from home instead.....This continued in the morning as well, barring an interval of brief sleep at night,and finally it was decided that the office warriors would brave the army on the road and head to work.....
Thankfully, during the day the government finally gave up its stubborn stance and peace was restored. The 70 lakh commuters who daily reach the stations, as well as those many many people who travel to and from work in their cars, can now heave a sigh of relief as the motormen called off their hunger strike today, following a meeting with Mr. R R Patil.