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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day.....Today

So now the hype is over, the flowers have dried up, the cards have been read, re-read and displayed on the living room shelf (or stored away for safe keeping). That one single day in the year which we celebrate as mother's day is over and we have all moved on to our busy life, school, college, office, work, family and so many other things that join hands to keep us occupied. But I want to wish my ma a Very Happy Mother's Day today....for isn't she still the most amazing mom to me, even today, though we are not celebrating the day as a ritual?
As I think of the many zillion things my ma has done for me ever since I was born,here are a few that are always playing over in my mind in 'repeat' mode.And I think many of you would have a similar experience to share too:
1. Those many afternoons and nights when she would just cradle me in her arms, singing a baby lullaby and soothing to sleep with her stories.
2. Those school mornings when ma would hug me in bed, waking me up with her kisses and a sweet smile.
3. The way she picked me up in her arms and put me on the steps of the school bus,handing me the bag and bottle and assuring me she would wait for me right here outside the house. How I loved seeing her waving at me and smiling.I never realised that picture would remain with me for the rest of my life.
4. Those delicious recipes that only ma knows and that no one can make like her.The best chef in the world for me, my ma.
5. The sweaters and caps she made for me, sitting with those colourful balls of wool,making a special thing just for me.
6. Trying to make up with me when I started to grow up and fight. She would always be the first one to say 'lets be friends again'.
7. Listening to me long distance on the phone and understanding my ramblings, even when she might be so busy on the other side.
8. Gladly willing to take up any extra work so that I get some sleep.
9. Her secret potions and remedies that have cured so many of her children's ailments over the years.
10.That lovely smile, those eyes with a love that can never change, always appreciating and never complaining.....
So many of these things and many countless more that make every ma the most special person. And just one day in the whole year is not enough to let her know what she means to us...So even though we are not celebrating it today, lets just call her up and wish her a lovely day... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY...