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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Meru on strike as Mumbai local back on track

First the local trains went off tracks and then the Meru cabs went absent from Mumbai roads. Even as motormen resumed work on Wednesday, the Meru cab drivers, Mumbai has over 1800 Meru cabs, went on a strike, demanding the reinstatement of over 160 drivers whose contracts had been terminated last month due to passenger complaints. On Tuesday, more than 50% of Meru cabs were off the road, leading to further commuter woes.
Rajesh Puri, CEO of Meru Cabs said that the company has sought 08 days to discuss the demands with the Board of Directors. It may be noted here that last month, a section of drivers formed the Meru Cab Chalak Sena with support from (yes you guessed it right) Shiv Sena. Members of the union have given a list comprising 10 demands to the authorities,including better work and pay conditions,reduction in allowance that drivers share with the company on a daily basis and more.
Personally, I have always had a lovely experience each time I have booked a Meru Cab. The drivers are really well-mannered, soft-spoken and careful drivers and keep their vehicles clean and well-maintained. Whatever the reasons, I just hope they get their due and are back on the roads soon.