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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lake News by Barbara Delinsky

If you like the typical American lit,this one is for you.....

What happens when the media goes out of hand and comes up with falsely construed stories,in a bid to sensationalise things,creating havoc in the lives of those involved? What happens when innocents are made to look guilty and their character is front-page news for the entire nation to assassinate? How do they deal with life when friends and family begin asking questions,when jobs are lost,when privacy is turned into full-time air-byte?
Lake News is the story of Lily Blake,a young musician,who is falsely accused of having an illicit affair with the Cardinal....As an unscrupulous reporter makes up a false story of the steamy affair and its sordid details, Lily finds her world crashing and her options closing off one by one.....

Verdict: An OK read...

As written on the cover jacket:
'After an unscrupulous reporter falsely accuses Boston lounge singer Lily Blake of having an affair with a newly-appointed Cardinal,she is hounded by the press,fired from her job and robbed of all public freedom. The humiliation and violation of privacy leaves her no choice but to retreat to her rural hometown of Lake Henry,New Hampshire.
In search of refuge,Lily forms an uneasy alliance with John Kipling,a former Boston reporter with trust issues of his own.Now editing Lake Henry's local newspaper,John cannot ignore Lily's appeal or her plight - even at the risk of taking on his former colleagues.
Surprising and deeply satisfying,LAKE NEWS offers an intimate look at the complex relationship between an enigmatic man and a vulnerable woman,both struggling to find a new sense of community in a strange place they once called home.'
Publisher: Pocket Star Books