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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frankfurt - Germany

Frankfurt called me in October , the time I was with Lufthansa , scheduled to fly out on a month-long gruelling training session to Germany .. along with 03 equally wicked colleagues of mine ... he he he ..

well , we were sure in for some great times together .. The flight to Frankfurt was the best part of the trip , almost .. the class and elegance of flying business class on Lufthansa has no comparison .. Well-fed and well taken-care-of , the first thing that hit us when we landed at Frankfurt , was the HUUUUUUUUUge airport . If you are the kind who has lived mostly on the Delhi Mumbai airports , this is something that is definitely gonna elicit a word of appreciation and admiration from u .. loads of words actually !!

The next thing to hit us was the cold .. it was just so damn cold .. we were shivering outright . It so happened that , the weather had been predicted as warm and the day before we landed , it snowed ... we were down on our knees in the rest rooms ... yes , puking .. it was that cold ...

As we came out on the road , we could see the clean gleaming buses all lined up in neat rows . As we were given official transportation , travel was not really such a bother .. Jam packed schedules through the week , the weekends were just for us . We planned our trip to Frankfurt and very smartly landed up at the airport , to board a train from there . In Germany , this is one amazing facility , from the airport , you get the cab , the bus , the train , the metro , the flight of course ... anything .... Now the same technique has begun to make appearances in India too. We got on the train and it was one beautiful ride through the city , with its modern constructions , its wide well-maintained roads , the beautiful colours of flowers u saw on entire road stretches .. no pollution no dust , we could wear the same white shirt , without using the laundry service for 06 days at a stretch ... it is so pollution-free .

At Frankfurt , the one thing we realised was that , water was anyday much much more expensive than beer . . u literally had to shell out your major wealth for a bottle of water . As we came out of the station to the streets , music greeted us all over. We turned around in amazement , to realise that , in Frankfurt , u dont have to go find a place to party , the streets are literally turned to clubs and pubs . The Frankfurt market is one place , which , when u are in Germany , u definitely must visit . The sheer merry-making and party spirit of the people is gonna keep u cheered up for days .. The entire footpath is taken up by musicians and performers , some of them quite famous , who perform there for free .. if their music touches u , you can give them some money , else just enjoy the performance . There are people playing the flute , the drums , bass , guitar , saxophone , there are live DJ's , there are strippers , there are dancers , you just name it , they are all there .. and the beauty is the way all this gels together .. it is an experience of its kind, one you will never forget . Do shake a leg or two with the DJ , its absolute fun , we continued through three hours of cheering and sheer madness ...

Remember one thing though , the Germans do NOT look upon outsiders as friends , so please steer clear of the punks , no matter how shocking their hair or outfit might look , dont , and I mean , DONT turn around to look at them ... its the sure-shot way of walking into trouble . A very famous store in Frankfurt is the WoolWorth , that is what we were told and felt as well . Five or six huge floors of shopping , it houses some of the most sought-after names in products like cosmetics , clothing , accessories , electronics , furnishings ... the restaurant at WoolWorth is one where you should go in for the meat balls , its a kind of meat dish with spinach stuffing , romancing the most delectable species of cheese on earth .. the taste will never leave your taste buds , mark my words , u are gonna crave for it for life. This one recipe I have not yet been able to figure out .. SIMPLY AWESOME AND MOST RECOMMENDED !!!

Do shop for some clothes , shoes , bags , belts , books ( if u please ) , but try and avoid jewellery , the variety is much better in our country , if u ask me .

Moving out of the main market , grab a sandwich or pasta or some other food and drinks at any of the roadside cafes , this is something you wish our own Delhi , or for that matter , India , would adopt more freely ... its such fun , sitting out on the pavement under the shades , smelling the heady aroma rushing at you .... The entire day can be spent at the Frankfurt market , strolling around and losing yourself in the mad crowd , and dont be surprised if u hear loud Indian music doing the rounds , Germans are crazy about the Indian hip-hop mixes ....

All in all , a great place to be , if u are with friends , but if alone , its a pity, Germans are the least friendly and the most snobbish and cold mix I have seen. But check out the city , u are bound to like it for its organised culture and sheer pollution free environment .. till then , adieus ..... and danke ..