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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A few summer Do's and Dont's

This time in summer as the sun grows especially cruel, here are a few do's and dont's that will help us bear the heat a little better:

1. Always carry a bottle of water with you whenever you are travelling outdoors.
2. Cotton is the best fabric for winters so go for clothes in loose-fitted cottons.
3. Keep wet wipes handy.
4. Keep a bottle of sun screen in your bag to avoid excessive tan.
5. Wearing eye-shades will protect your eyes from direct glare.
6. Wear open sandals as much as possible.
7. Wear light colours, especially in the day.
8. It is comfortable to wear your hair short,but if you prefer to keep your hair long, try and tie it up and as much away from the shoulders and neck area.
9. In food, go for light foods that can be easily digested and do not cause heartburn.
10.Wash your face as many times as you can, especially when you have been in the outdoors.

1. Avoid stepping out in the sun without being properly hydrated.
2. Do not wear tight-fitted clothes, especially those which are in fabrics that might cause irritation on the skin.
3. Do not go out in the sun without using sunscreen. Too much harsh sun can cause tanning and create dark spots on your skin and also cause early wrinkles to appear.
4. Avoid tight shoes and strappy sandals.
5. Avoid wearing loud and shiny colours.
6. Do not go out in the sun with your hair open (if it is long) as it will cause sweating and itching and will also give an untidy appearance.
7. Avoid too much oil and spice in foods.
8. Avoid using too much make-up but if you absolutely have to, do not go to bed wearing make-up.
9. If you have children, dont make them stay all their summer vacations indoors. A little sun (not too much though) can be good for youngsters sometimes. Take them to a summer camp.
10.Dont make it a habit to sleep in all day since it is too hot outside.