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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A few re-runs we would always love to repeat.... Here's which ones..

Was just going through the data on my laptop. Wanted to do some cleanup and hence checking which files would be worthy of the recycle bin. Scanned scanned and scanned. But still unable to make up my mind.As most of the stuff on my laptop are ones that have been with me ever since English Television made its entry into India..And looking at them,couldnt help but jot down a few of the top series of all times that we would just love to watch and watch and watch....All in random order...

The Indian series:

1.Hum Log - Indian television's first soap opera aired on Doordarshan,it is the simple story of a middle-class family in the 80's and their dreams and hopes. Main characters:Basesar Ram,Bhagwanti,Lallu,Nanhe,Badki,Manjhli,Chhutki,Dadaji,Dadi.

2.Byomkesh Bakshi - Based on the fictional detective character in Bengali literature by Sharadindu Bandopadhyay.The Hindi TV Series was directed by Basu Chatterjee.Main characters: Byomkesh Bakshi(Rajit Kapur),Ajit,Satyavati.

3.Tamas - Revolves around the lives of Hindus and Sikhs during Partition of India.

The English series:

1.HeartBreak High - An Australian TV series dealing with the lives of the students of Hartley High,a tough high-school in a multi-racial area of Sydney.Main characters: Nick,Christina,Rose,Con,Danielle,Steve,

2.I dream of Jeannie - An American series about an astronaut and a genie in a bottle. Main characters: Jeannie and Capt/Major Anthony

3.The Wonder Years - An American TV series revolving around the lives of Kevin,Paul and Winnie,who are on the verge of starting junior high-school in 1968.

4.FRIENDS - An American sitcom revolving around a group of friends based in Manhattan. Main characters: Rachel,Monica,Phoebe,Chandler,Joey and Ross.

5.How I Met Your Mother - An American TV Series that involves the main character, Ted Mosby,telling his children in a later year in the future,about how he met their mother. Main characters: Ted Mosby,Barney Stinson,Marshall Eriksen,Lily Aldrin,Robin Scherbatsky.

6.Desperate Housewives - Revolves around the lives of four female friends, Susan Mayer, Bree Ven de Kamp, Gabrielle Solis and Lynette Scavo and their families, who are neighbour in Wisteria Lane. The fifth friend,Mary Alice Young, commits suicide in the opening season and continues to remain a part of the show.Main characters: Bree,Gabrielle,Susan,Lynette.

7.My Name is Earl - An American comedy revolving around the life and doings of Earl,a petty crook with occasional run-ins with the law.As he wins a lottery for $100,000,he loses it immediately on being hit by a car.This leads him to believe in karma and he vows to do justice to all those who he had wronged in the past,some way or the other. Main characters: Earl,Randy,Joy,Darnell,Catalina.

8.The Big Bang Theory - An American comedy revolving around the lives of four geek friends and their female neighbour who is an aspiring actress and works in a cheesecake factory. Main characters: Leonard,Sheldon Cooper,Howard,Rajesh and Penny.

9.Mile High - A British TV series based on the lives of the cabin crew and pilots of a budget airline, FRESH,based in London.It revolves around their lives,both in the air and on the ground.Main characters:Will O'Brien,Emma,Katherine,Jason,John,Janis, Lehann,Marco,Poppy,Capt Nigel,Charlotte,Jack,Rachel,Lorna,Dan,Ed.

10.Two and a half men - An American sitcom revolving around the life of a jingle writer, whose world is turned to chaos when his uptight brother gets divorced and moves in with him,bringing along his young son.Main characters: Charlie,Alan,Jake.