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Friday, May 14, 2010

Earring trend this season - The bigger the better !!!!

So girls its you can bring out all those danglers from the box and get all set to mix and match !!!!
The hottest accessory trend right now is to flaunt your chunky ear-pieces...whether with the traditional saree, the salwar kameez, with the ethnic kurta-jeans or even with pure western, the big fat earring has made a comeback with a vengeance and is making a style-statement like never before. With young college girls to our Bollywood divas taking over the fashion secret that has always been associated with the 'earthy' and 'intellectual' look, the most prominent piece of accessory this season is the earring.

Be it the chandelier ear-rings, the studs, the long serpentine ones, the round ones with small detailing, the jhumkas or any of the chunky variety you may have, just use a little creativity and it can be your 'piece' of the evening.
If you are wearing a heavy ear-ring make sure your hair is in place, you would not want your strands to get entangled and create a mess the whole evening.If it is suitable,tie it up in a ponytail or a nice neat bun.If you are keen to keep it open,make sure the hair has been conditioned properly and does not look unkempt.
If you are wearing a saree,tie up the hair and line your eyes with kohl for the 'classic' look.Keep other jewellery to a minimum,or better still,don't wear any other jewellery. Maybe a thin kada on one arm but thats about it,your main jewellery is the ear-piece.
With a salwar kameez you can wear coordinated earrings.You can wear a kameez with a heavy neck border,that will negate the need of a neck-piece.While wearing a heavy dupatta make sure the ear-rings dont get caught in the fabric.It could result in a rip in the dupatta or even your ear-ring getting broken.
With jeans and kurta wear ear-rings that are appropriate. You can choose from a variety of chunky ear-rings,but avoid going over the top,as some pieces look great with a typical traditional ensemble but can be a complete disaster when mixed and matched.....
So go on and bring back the 'classic' desi look......