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Monday, May 3, 2010

Dahi Bhindi (lady finger / okra with curd)

Yes I know it sounds confusing....who has lady-finger with curd ???!!! And that too when I absolutely cannot stand the very essential ingredient on any Indian dining table - dahi (curd)...
But a few days back I experimented with a dish - dahi bhindi - and surprisingly it turned out yummy..So here it is for you..

Bhindi (cleaned,cut into long pieces)
Roasted besan (chickpea flour)
a little curd,beaten (2 tbsp)
whole jeera (cumin)
green chillies (split in the middle or broken in halves)
haldi (turmeric) powder
refined oil
jeera powder
dhaniya (coriander) powder
salt to taste

In a kadhai (pan) pour some oil and let it heat.
Put in the saabut jeera (whole cumin seeds).
As it begins to crackle,put in the pre-roasted besan and mix well.Keep using a spatula so that it does not stick on the bottom of the pan.
As the besan will cook it will turn into a lump.
Once the besan has cooked and turned a golden brown,put in the green chillies and the lady-finger. Put some turmeric powder.
Cook for some time over low/medium flame.
Once the vegetable begins to turn tender,add the beaten curd and mix well.Add the dhaniya powder and jeera powder. Add salt as per taste.
Cook till the water of the curd separates.
Add some water,only a little that will aid in the cooking of the lady-finger.This is a non-gravy dish so we do not need much water.
Cover with a lid and let it cook for some time on low/medium flame.
Once the lady-finger is cooked and tender and the water has dissolved,turn off the flame.
Your dish is ready to be had with roti,parantha or rice....