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Thursday, May 6, 2010

As the noose waits for Ajmal Qasab

As the entire nation waits for the judge to announce the verdict, the innumerable TV channels, Indian and international, are busy showing public reaction, asking the victims and survivors what kind of punishment they want for the boy-man who shook the country and the entire world with the hate and monstrosity within him.
The unanimous voice is asking for him to be hanged until dead. Everyone wants him to die, to be killed instantly, to know that his life is over, much the same way as he killed the innocents and snatched away loved ones forever.
There are 02 options though that the judge has to offer: either a hanging sentence or one of life imprisonment.
I for one am not in favour of the death sentence in this case. Many may not agree, but I feel that an instant death, for a man who unleashed such terror, is barely a punishment at all. If he only stands at the altar,with a dark cloth around his head,the noose pulled and life snuffed out,would he even get a chance to think about what he did and regret?Would he suffer the agony those survivors are going through each day,or the void that will forever haunt those who lost their loved ones?
I feel the death sentence would be too light for him.He should be sentenced to life imprisonment, better still if for life he is in solitary confinement.Then he would know what being alone is,what it means when you cannot get the company of people you love,or even a simple relationship as a fellow prison mate.He should be made to realise that he is such an incarnation of evil that he cannot be made to even go near another human being for his entire life.And he should not even be allowed to meet any family member or friend.The only contact he should ever be allowed to have should be in the form of only prison formalities.
For if he is sent to death,the many militant outfits will take this as an example of a man who has become a 'shaheed' for Jehaad,and instead of making Qasab an example of the fate that is meted out to those who have stopped being humans and embraced terrorism,it will instead be turned into another victory by Jehadis.
No,death is not enough for a man who took away so much,death cannot be enough for what he did to baby Moshe,it cannot be enough for the life-long pain and meaninglessness of life that now surrounds those who can only remember that fateful 26/11 with tears.....