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Saturday, May 22, 2010

AI Mangalore Crash...worst in two decades....

The (IX)AI Dubai-Mangalore flight that crashed at the Bajpe airport in Mangalore today morning has been labeled as the worst crash in the last two decades. Of the 160 passengers and 06 crew on board,158 perished while 8 survived.Of the 8 that survived, there were 3 infants and 5 adults.The flight had 4 infants and 19 children onboard.Of the 158 bodies,72 have been identified till now.The search operation in and around the deep ravine where the plane crashed has been put on hold for now. The flight was overshot by 2000 feet and then crashed into a ravine,after which it caught fire.8 lucky people came away from death by jumping out from a crack that had appeared in the body of the craft.
The flight crashed as supposedly the pilot overshot the runway by 2000 feet. The runway at the Bajpe airport is shorter than regular runways as it is in a hilly terrain. The pilot of the fated craft,who was Serbian,has been flying in India for the last 2 years and had a total flying hours experience of more than 20,000 hours.
The aviation minister,Mr. Praful Patel,chose to take responsibility for the crash and offered his resignation,which was not accepted by the PM.
According to one newssite,the black box has been located but Indian officials have denied the same.
After the crash a few questions have been doing the rounds:
1. search is on for the Black Box
2. was there an unexpected weather phenomenon that caused the pilots to lose control?
3. were the pilots fatigued?
4. was the flight being manned by the first officer instead of the captain?
5. was there an unexpected tail wind? (tail wind is a wind that blows in the direction of travel of an object.It increases the object's speed and reduces the time required to reach its destination).
6. was the plane overloaded?
7. did rain cause the plane to skid?
8. why was there no distress call made from the cockpit?

Answers are being sought and investigations are already under way,but coming to a conclusion might take years....It is not an easy process to work out what happens inside a craft that is seconds away from death,especially as survivors are too shocked to recall the events that took place just before the fateful end,and it is mostly on assumptions and black-box recordings that investigators have to rely on.

After the crash, flight operations from the Bajpe airport at Mangalore have been resumed.

8 have survived,158 are gone...but many will remain scarred with the loss of their precious who will never return home again...To all those who are gone, May Your Soul Rest In Peace...To those who have been left behind grieving,may you get the strength to see you through this most-terrible phase, may you get peace and hope.....Amen...