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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The birds need you this summer

The sun is beating down and it is excessively harsh at this time of the year. In its battle against us poor mortals it has joined hands with its two allies, the wind that has decided to stay away and the sticky dirty humidity that has decided to take its place.
It is extremely hot out there and most little sources of water are fast drying up. Only last week a poor snake was found near our house, outside where the mangroves meet the sea. The reptile had blisters on its skin and was desperately trying to reach a source of water, but even before it could, it died in the middle of the highway, not crushed by the speeding cars, but of heatstroke. It is a different thing altogether that in an effort to save the reptile from coming under its wheels, an alert car-owner hit the brakes, resulting in a huge pile-up of ten cars behind, ramming into each other. The media and reporters arrived immediately, in fact even before the police;)
Thats a different story...Right now, a few pointers about what you and me, as in we, can do to help these poor winged friends who are facing the merciless heat out there:
1) keep a bowl of water on your terrace. If you dont want to use a stainless steel or regular use bowl, take any old discarded plastic container (preferably bowl) and fill it with water.
2) place a plate on your terrace with a few grains of pulses. You may keep a handful of 'dal' lentils on your terrace for the birds to come and feed on.
3) you can put a shade on your terrace or balcony. This will not only provide shade to the birds, but also be comfortable for you and your family during the summers.
4) if there is enough space in your terrace or balcony, you may build a small bird house or bird shed. These are easily available at many stores, or if you want to be a little creative, you may make it at home, asking your kids to help you. Tips to make a bird shed will be easily available online at the click of a mouse.