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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bekal Fort Beach (Kerala-India)

The imposing bekal fort is one of the largest and best preserved forts in Kerala. The Bekal fort beach has two sculpures of Theyyam created using laterite at the beach and a shed with walls adorned with murals created by artisans from Nilambur.

Trees are in plenty at the beach area. A beautiful walkway helps tourists explore the beauty of the fine coastline and enjoy the panoramic view of the Bekal fort. During the evening, the beach is illuminated.

Location: 01 km from Bekal Fort, 16 kms south of Kasaragod on the national highway

Additional info: The beach has been developed as an exotic beach location by the Bekal Resorts Development Corporation (BRDC). 7000 sq m of parking space. Resting facilities are available at the beach. Toilets and eco-friendly bamboo waste bins help keep the beach clean. Park for children below 14 years of age.

Warning: Children should not go near the water without adult supervision; heed warning signs and avoid going in the water during high tide and monsoon

To reach: Kasaragod railway station on the Kozhikode-Mangalore-Mumbai route ; 50 kms from Mangalore airport ; 200 kms from Karipur international airport, Kozhikode