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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Are We Turning Our Babies Into Monsters? We Failed You Swapnil Sonawane and Abesh Dasgupta
image source

Over the past few days, it's really saddened me to read the paper here in India. I have consciously stopped watching news channels for a long time now, the reason, I'm sure, most of us already know, but let me just say, with news hour turning into a free-for-all barbarian show, I just didn't want to go through the same every single day.

Two extremely violent recent incidents, both involving teens, is what prompted me to write this today. I am sure many of you may find it useless, or disturbing, and if so, please click the exit button and move on...I have no problem with that...If you choose to read on, thank you.

The first incident that shook me up was the senseless killing of a 16 year old boy from a simple and well-educated middle class family in Navi Mumbai. The teen had formed a friendship with a teen girl from his class, and the friendship had developed into a relationship. As is prone in teen years, both really liked each others' company and that was pretty much what was happening - they were just special to each other. The problem that apparently led to his killing was the fact that the girl belonged to a higher caste. And this is the year 2016 we are talking about, and in a city in Navi Mumbai, which is considered Mumbai's satellite city and houses some of the best minds here. I can imagine how 50 years from now, when people talk about such incidents in the year 2016, it will make them firm of the view that people living in the year 2016 were indeed backward and barbarian - I do not disagree right now.....

So what happened here was that the girl's family threatened the boy and his family and the parents asked the boy to stop meeting the girl. He was beaten up as well. When the boy's parents went to the police to lodge a complaint, the police officials present in the police station told him to mend his ways, and asked the parents to keep a watch on their son. They went a step further to tell him that now that he dared to continue meeting the girl, he should expect something similar to the phenomenally applauded Marathi movie Sairat, which is about a lower caste boy falling in love with a higher class girl, and how both are killed by the higher caste family as part of an honour killing. The teen boy's parents requested the police for help but were sent back home. The girl's family came to their place, dragged them to the road and started hitting the boy severely. The parents tried to intervene but were assaulted as well. In fact, the attackers started shouting 'chor chor' and passersby actually thought the scared family were thieves, even as the teen lay bleeding profusely. By the time the parents finally managed to take him to a hospital, he was lost to them forever.....

Here's one news piece and here's another news piece.

Sad.....what else do I have left to say here? I can't even say I can imagine the pain they are in... no, I can't, nor can you....

The second incident co-incidentally happened the same week in Calcutta. A young teen boy, Abesh, was part of a group of teens that was enjoying a relaxed party in a parking lot of a posh Calcutta residence. He was 'suddenly' found lying in the parking lot in a pool of blood, even as almost all the other teens suddenly vanished, and only two remained who helped a resident of the building take the boy to the hospital. By then again, it was too late, and the boy was lost to his mother forever (his father, who was part of the police force himself and had also assisted eminent filmmaker Satyajit Ray's son on movie assignments had just passed away this February). Before leaving home, the teen had told his grandma he would be home latest by evening....his mother never heard from him after that day.....

Of course you would guess that since there were about 10-15 teens at the party, someone, at least one teen, would have seen something, or, as we all do these days, recorded something on a smart phone...maybe, maybe not....Or, given the fact that the teen, Abesh, was stabbed multiple times with a sharp glass object (broken beer bottle), and had also walked around in the parking lot after being stabbed (as was evident from the blood trail that was left behind), some resident would have heard some commotion, breaking of glass, hitting, voices fighting, voices trying to break up the fight, someone crying out in pain (can you imagine a teen who is being stabbed multiple times will not cry out in pain?) or someone asking for help.....I am sure some of the girls and maybe some boy(s) in the group may have shouted out in fear at what happened......And even though quite a lot of the apartments apparently have their windows right above the parking area where this happened, it is possible that at least someone heard something....

But no evidence was found.....not surprising....why?

The murdered teen had recently become friends with a girl who was earlier in a relationship with a boy who comes from a very affluent and influential family in Kolkata. Both the teen boys knew each other and were often part of same parties and groups. In fact, some common friends had mentioned earlier how the two boys always were uncomfortable with each other. The influential boy's father had in fact asked the girl's parents to keep her away from the murdered teen, and asked the murdered teen's mother to keep her son away from the girl.....interesting?

Then again, even as the news channels first reported that it was a clear case of murder, the news was abruptly changed and the story was turned to accidental death...Apparently, the teen who died was holding beer bottles under his arm, and he was already drunk, so he tripped and fell, and the bottle broke, and cut all his important arteries and veins, and he lay bleeding there, even as his friends possibly wondered what to do...this is the version that the news channels and police later came up with....

why? What happened that everyone had to suddenly change their version? what happened that the teen from the affluent family and his father both suddenly disappeared? how was it that no friends came out and gave exact details about what really happened? in fact, when Abesh's grandma asked the friends what really happened, not one friend could give her a satisfactory reply...while some said they were on a call, some said they were with other friends hanging around on another side...out of the entire group, everyone claims to be unaware of how Abesh got injured, what happened, and how he bled so much, given the fact that his blood is found in pools and trails at different spots in the parking lot.......

Another chilling reality - while Abesh lay bleeding, and probably on his way to death, some friends decided to leave the spot claiming they had to go and meet some family member urgently. Immediately after, most of the others also quickly left, leaving Abesh lying there in his pool of blood, doing nothing to help.....

I have said before that kids can be cruel......what do you say now?

I have seen the CCTV footage from the parking lot where a teen is seen falling down, but from a simple height which is a little walled structure on the ground floor - and hello, he trips and falls on his back, while most of the injuries are on the front.......

By the way....another angle that the police added was that the teen was already drunk....I'm really sorry, but how is that even a point of discussion here? How is drinking alcohol and murdering someone, or getting murdered, or running away from a friend who is lying dying in his blood related? How does it even come in the picture? Isn't it important to speak to each and every teen present at the scene, talk to all the building helpers such as liftmen, security guards or drivers to find out what happened?

I can understand that the parents of the children who were involved in this entire thing may have asked their kids to stay away, fearing it would traumatise them and affect them negatively. But what about the mother who lost her only son? Can you imagine her pain? I can't. I understand that we, as parents, always try to shield our babies from everything that is not good and want to keep them protected forever. We tell our little ones - CLOSE YOUR EYES AND THE MONSTER WILL GO AWAY...
But for how long? Till what age do we baby our babies? Till when do we shield them from responsibilities that come of growing up? It has to happen at some age, right? What age is that? What do we teach our teens? Hide and stay mum when a mum loses her baby, but you stay mum and stay safe.....that's what we should do, right? wrong...

Wrong wrong wrong....... something is wrong with us, parents...something is really wrong with us.... and it's we, the parents, who are in the wrong, and not the kids...coz it's we, the parents, who are turning our babies into monsters.....yes we are.....unfortunate but true...

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
'Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children' - MJ 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm Getting Started, Want To Join?

 image - author's own

Just got my new pair of wings
Putting them on, I’m ready to soar and fly – to where my heart desires
You’re welcome to join me of course

But wait….
There are some rules I’d rather you try out

First, give up that frown and that look
The one that judges before it knows
To be with me you’d rather know me, than judge me
Know me to know that I can love like no one
And worry and care for you like no one
And be there for you when you need someone

If only….
You will know me…….

Now stop all your big words and promises
I’m beyond the land of the mind that plans
I live by my heart, and I will hold yours safely in mine, don’t worry
But only once you learn to trust and show me the real you
Else there’s plenty of people out there for you I’m sure


The last and only thing I need
Just be you
The way you’d be without the thought of what others might think
What the society thinks
What people think?
Do we care?
I don’t.
Do you still?

It will be a nice one, I promise, this trip to the land of the heart
If only you’re willing to join

Coz I’m already getting started….on my own

- Debolina Raja 

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Girl About Town: I'm More Than My Tattoos And The Length Of My Skirt BTW


Yes that's me, if you didn't guess already.

So what do you see when you look at this picture of me? It's me as I am right now, taken just a day back, the way I am now....with myself, spending time with me.

Yesterday I was waiting at the bus stand to pick up my younger one, and there was this woman who was walking past. She took a look at me, I was wearing a plain black t-shirt, in fact the same I am wearing in the picture here, and a skirt, that was as long as my knee. I think that's a pretty decent and acceptable length, no? So, she took a look at me, and saw the tattoo on my leg, and happened to see it on my hand too, and for some weird reason, could also see the one on my nape.

And the moment she saw my tattoos, she kind of gave a smirk and looked at me again, actually, even though she had passed on, she turned back and glanced at me. I could see the disapproval in her eyes, checking me out to understand what kind of a mother was I, the one with the tattoos and the skirt, and what kind of values I would be imparting.

It was all there in her look.

And let's be hones here, it's not the first time I got it. I've seen it many times, most of the time unspoken, when people judge me by the tattoos I have and the clothes I choose to wear, whether I want to wear makeup or not, whether I tame my hair or not, whether I return home by a certain time on that tick-tock or not, and whether I drink or not....the list is too long actually so let me not bore you to death.

But that lady, even as she smirked and looked back at me, didn't have a clue about me. She didn't see the early morning alarm that I dismiss each morning and jump out of the bed, literally. She didn't see that I sleep for only maybe four hours a night and then wake up and work the whole day, trying to spend as much time with my babies, while working and doing things for the house. She never saw the way my sleep-drenched eyes were finding it difficult to concentrate, and how I passed the day gulping mugs of tea, in an effort to fight off the sleep and the exhaustion.

She never saw the hot meal I had prepared for my kids and set ready for them to come home and have, or the things I had packed in their school lunch to make sure they ate healthy through the day. Or those quick last-minute projects I helped finish or pack up, or the many ways I wiped those baby tears while encouraging my younger one to go to school and promising her that mamma would be right there, waiting to pick her up back in her arms. The many times I had woken up at night to make sure my babies were comfortable and properly wrapped in their comforters, even as they kicked and pushed me to the edge of the bed in their sleep, and do each night.

Or the many smiles I put up through the day for them, even if my heart and mind and senses may be at some far-off place. Or the endless moments when I may have felt lonely and sad and depressed, but always jumped around my babies and chosen to act as fools with them, just as babies and kids love you to be......the many times I chose to be there for them, the way I taught them to respect others, teaching them values and the importance to dream and live and let the world be a fair and happy place, to care for others and help as much as possible, to aim for the best and do what makes them happy, to reach their dreams with their hard work, and so many other things that every nice and fair human being should be.

Oh and yes, that lady, and all those who judge me by my tattoos or the length of my dress and whatnot, could not possibly know how I teach my kids to never judge, to never kill someone's character with a glance, to instead know a person, understand that person, and agree to disagree.

I am not defined by the tattoos I have, and trust me, I am gonna get many many more, it's my body and I can decorate it the way I want, thank you, and I will wear what I please, you may look the other side if I offend you, and I will go out with the friends I want to, or even strangers if I want, and dance and have a good time and head out for parties and come back when I feel I want to, thank you very much.

Just as I give you my permission to continue judging me and be jealous and miss out on the chance to live your own life instead, I promise to myself that I will continue doing all those things that make me happy, that truly define me for who I am and still be the best mommy my babies could have, one of the bestest friends my friends could have when they need unconditional love, support, brutally honest advice, a possessive protective friend and a shoulder to lean on, and one of the most non-judgmental, understanding and trusting and caring person, if you too will care to understand me.

It's your choice ;) 

- Debolina Raja 
And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tales From The Lift: An Unexpected Breath Of Freshness source

What ???!!!! Did I just say an unexpected breath of freshness, that too in my #TalesFromTheLift series? that's what I call a first ;)

So it was a mad rush of a day, what with trying to get the elder one packed off for her summer workshop, toting the younger one around, carrying a heavy shitload of a bag filled with food and water and all the baby paraphernalia, and wearing my running shoes to well, do just run run out of the lift and manage to reach the venue on time.

The lift stops at my floor, we step in, waiting to reach downstairs fast.

And then......there it stops....not downstairs yet, but at some other floor..

And even as I wait with impatience at whoever it is outside the door to just get in, the first thing I notice is the fragrance.....ummmmm....lets say it was nice, and woody, and musky.....not bad, right? ;)

And of course I didn't immediately look up to see who may be wearing this loveliness, so I did the sly not-looking-but-of-course-I'll-look look and looked up.... and may I just say it was quite a pleasant sight..... you get alllll the 'drifts' right? ;)

And then of course the lift has to reach downstairs at lightning McQueen speed levels, and even as my kiddies try to rush out of the lift, the gentleman, just like a chivalrous young man, waits, steps aside, and holds the lift open for me !!!!

We say 'thank you' and 'you're absolutely welcome' - yes, he added 'absolutely' to that too ....... and we part ways....... and that's about it.....

So that's the latest dope going on in my lift....till my fantasy world comes crashing down with those moronic men I end up bumping into alll the time.... And I can assure you it's gonna happen right tonight when I'm going back home from my walk...

Let's see....will keep you posted on that grossness too...

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Are We Too Cool To Speak Our Hearts Anymore?

Life in the modern day is filled with choices. You want to have a simple cup of strong black coffee and there are thousands of variations you have to browse through. You want to go for a relaxed pair of denims and the person at the store will ask you thousands of questions, making sure that each inch of your lower body is analyzed and scrutinized and researched, before you can get yourself in those pants (your own brand new ones that you went there to buy I mean). 

No doubt that we, as a generation that has learned to feed off the social media are suckers for approval. It is true, we all are to some extent, and whether or not you nod your head in agreement or denial, some part of you is still looking for approval – approval when you say that you don’t really care about what others think and hence are cool, or approval that yes you do get affected by what others think about you and hence are cool.

It happens. To you. To me. To all of us.

But that one thing that has really been irking bothering me quite a lot, is the fact that, even as we are so concerned about what others really think of us, somewhere down the line, we are forgetting to express ourselves to those who really matter.

For instance, imagine you are on a date. There can be two outcomes. The first one is that you like the person and really want to meet him/her again. Maybe you feel an instant connect, whether just physical, emotional or, best possible case, both! The other outcome is that you know immediately that you and your date will just not work out, and not even on a one night stand level.

But here’s the catch. How do you actually tell the person what you feel?

If you happen to not like the person, you will go out of your way to find a polite and decent way to cut yourself out of there. You may play the whole charade and even see that person off, or maybe drop your date all the way home. But what after that? You start playing the ignoring game. You don’t want to sound rude or hurtful and still do not take it forward. But you just keep that person hanging out there, instead of saying in a real way that for whatever reasons, you do not feel it will work out and that it is better to stop dating.

Now what if you are in the other situation? What if you like your date? You wonder whether it is alright to hug, and if so, how much of it you should go ahead with without coming off as needy. You want to kiss, but how do you go about it? Do you ask for permission if the other person is not giving you any hints? Do you wait and wait till your date also hints at the same, which may or may not happen. Do you tell your date that you find them cute or sexy and want to kiss? And once you are back home, how much time do you wait before you text or call that person? Should you wait for him or her to make the first move and say what an amazing time you had and that you want to meet up again? Or is it alright to just pick up the phone and say what you feel, right from the heart, without bothering if you will be judged for it?

There’s already so much going on around us all, it’s worthwhile to invest in some love at the least. I don’t know why being in love or falling in love or liking someone has to be such a game. The sad part is that it is. For different people in different situations, loving someone, in whatever relationship it may be, has turned into something with different ways and connotations.

What if we stop judging love once and for all, and just come out with whatever is there in our hearts? What if we learn to respect and love back? You may not love someone who loves you, but you can at least give that person the respect that they deserve, for all they did was love you. Let’s bring back some love, in our hearts and in the lives of those who truly are wonderful out there……

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja

Friday, March 18, 2016

Did I Just Snip You Out? Sorries But That's Where Our Journey Ends
image source

Yes okay, so you know I have grown up, in years, if not always in mind, and yes, also in body (gosh I keep walking and trying to eat healthy and all that jazz, but sometimes it just doesn't seem enough), and the point of all this is that finally I am at a point in my life where I have learned to bid adieu to the concept of people pleasing.

I have been mostly the polite and nice one all my life. Takes a helllll lot of effort from someone like me who is short tempered, impatient, difficult to please, extremely choosy and all that, but yes, I have managed to still be nice, and I generally am. Till someone gets on my wrong side of course, which is when I can be rude and cold and just not bothered. I have still not managed the art of abusing, and just the other day was talking to this male friend and confessing that I find it hard to abuse, ever, and of course I sounded like a fool to him, the discussion turning hilarious for him and embarrassing for me. And yet again I digress...wait...let me get back to the point again.

The point is, I am done pleasing people, and I have been snipping them off from my life for quite some time now. I have been distancing myself from people in real life, as well as in the virtual world. So it is that I have about 150 friends on my social media profile, a number which sounds surprisingly low to my friends who have friends there upwards of 500 at least (I never understand how so many of my friends more than 1000s of friends there...some achievement!) but the 150 mark is still big for me. In fact, I constantly scan the list and think of moving away from some, and wait for the right time to do so.

You know I am an escapist. If you have been here earlier or read through my posts, you know I generally stay away from confrontations. And of course goodbyes too. Both are equally hard for me, and it goes with the territory of being an emotional fool, which unabashedly I am. But then, I am blessed to have a handful of amazing people in my life, who I know I will have around for life. They are the ones who love me with all my quirks and my silliness and my grey matter, both inside the brain and on top in those few strands, the ones who never judge me, who hold me in their hearts through my highs and my pitiful deep lows, who remain with me no matter what I may tell them through my tears or garbled words of anger or sadness.... They shall truly always remain.

As for the rest, I think I will continue to snip away people from my life. Even as I meet new ones, I find it hard to connect and hold on to those who really do not mean that much. It's a lot of burden to carry when you are just acquaintances, or trying to carry on being nice to someone even though you don't really mean it. There will be many such people I meet in life, but I guess that pair of scissors in my mind will always come in handy.

Life is so much easier and prettier when you surround yourself with happy and positive people and share each others' burdens, instead of trying to be someone who they want you to be, but you may not be. It's a short one and its the only one...this life that we this much we do owe ourselves, don't we? Being happy and being content.....and loving those who are special.....

I send you sooooo many lovely hugs, smiles and truck loads of happiness....

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja

Monday, March 14, 2016

Girl About Town: I'm 30 But I Don't Show It (Put Your Hands Up In The Air And Shake That Booty Now)

Well I'm gonna literally laugh my ass off now, or may I say the tunes of LMFAO and the ongoing rhythm that goes on in my head in loop mode which sings and shouts out loud - I'm more than 30, make it a brand new 35 now as I just turned so, but I know I don't show my exact age. Go green you.... ;)

And hello, just wait (if you've been with me for some time, 'scuzaahhh moi, I mean if you've been with me on the blog for some time, not what else you may be thinking btw), you also know I keep saying o hello a hell of a hello lot....this is not going to be an ad for a beauty cream or one of those who-knows-what loaded pots of miracle magic potions that are sold in the name of 'Oh my god you're about to be 30 or god forbid 30...SO USE IT' pots of piss.... na na na .....

I'm unabashed about announcing my age to the world, and to hot boys and to beauty queens and to snobby bi#$%S....I don't care really...It's a number no? I've declared it many times on the blog already....and I've even shared about it with anyone I've met who has shown any inclination to be 'interested' in the quotation mark know what I mean....

And hey, it's fun to see those reactions.... I mean, there IS this huuuuge thing about crossing over to that sad and nearing death and end of life phase which is all of your 30s and beyond... at least to most.. I won't say I didn't feel it..oh yes I did..the day I turned 29 (when was it now?? I absolutely forget, maybe its the post-30 old age syndrome is it?!) I was absolutely not focused on my birthday, but instead on the one that would come next year...the 30th...gosh I was dreading it.... But the day I actually turned 30 I was zen....I mean I did turn 30, big deal, and it didn't feel any different, and I didn't feel any different...I was still the same me....

I always get this from my immediate family and friends..always -
Debo, when will you start behaving your age? - I'm still searching for that user manual and the guidelines that are supposed to tell me how I am to behave at 'my' age
Debo, why do you always have to go out and party? Can't you stay home and sleep? - No, I'll always sleep less if it means I can party more, and more, and doesn't matter if its club hopping or house parties, as long as the company is the one I love
Debo, if you have time to party and go out with friends, why can't you join our kitty party? - sorry, I have no answer to that, I just can't
Debo, what have you been using? Your skin doesn't look like you are over 30. - no chemical laden products, I am all into DIY and keeping it simple
Debo, how much makeup do you use? Your skin doesn't look like you are over 30. - ya I loooove makeup but I barely use it...but I am a self-confessed lippie addict for sure!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Emotional Disability?
image source

Few days back someone asked me when I last cried.... To be honest, as I tried to answer the question, I was quite stumped. I don't cry. Not really. Not anymore. And never ever in front of anyone. NEVER.

Maybe it's a disability of mine, and the reason I say that is simple. I have nothing against crying. In fact, if I do see someone crying, I make sure that I try and do everything I can to help them get out of their misery and try and soothe out their tears. So why not try it with myself too and let someone take care or take over?

Irony is - that's exactly why. Maybe I still haven't learned to express my deepest fears, angers, hurts and such to people around me, even to those who I once considered closest to me.

I find it hard to express anger or hurt or disappointment. I would rather stay quiet and feel the hurt within, than get angry or cry and let the other person think I am weak. Here again the irony sets in. When I see someone crying, I never assume they are weak. I am in fact kind of jealous that they are so easily able to give expression to what they are feeling. While I am not. And hence my emotional disability status.

I do cry. Without the tears. Without the sound. Without the obvious. I guess everyone cries. It's just that I cry within myself. I know I am an escapist, I have been told that many times. And I know there is no escaping that.

I do wish I could cry..... maybe some day I will..... 

- Debolina Raja 
And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'll Take It All And Go

image source

I’ll take it all and go
Lock them all inside me

My demons
My fears
My past
My present

All of my future that I am supposed to have some day
But that which I don’t know if I want to see
If I can be around to see
If I will have the life in me to be around and see

All I want to do is lie down
And sleep and sleep and sleep
Without a care in the world
Without waiting to hear what you or them have to say
Without waiting to see what you or them have to do
To me

The mask comes and stays
But it gets harder to put it up each morning and take it off at night
When the lights are off
When no one will see
When the emptiness won’t leave behind the stains

I am tired I can see
But I am not sure how much more I will see
How much more I can
Or want
For its easier to give up and lie down

And rest…..

- Debolina Raja

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Girl About Town: Felt The Creepy Vibes Anyone?
image source

I think I have a strong case of getting the heeby-jeebies! I mean, I can literally feel those negative and creepy vibes coming off people in so many cases. And no, if you've been following my #TalesFromTheLift series or my #GirlAboutTown series, I don't mean those ones necessarily.

I've always had trouble connecting with people, as in with everyone and everyone. You really need to have something up there and some love and compassion in your heart for me to be able to connect to you, you know. All those fancy gizmos and wheels and brands that you load up in may work like magnets for others, but in my case, it just helps to give the exact opposite reaction.

Of late I've started feeling these vibes even more. I mean, it may have something to do with my own fears and confusions, maybe, but I just genuinely and truly truly seem to pull all the creepy vibes to me. Oh, its so confusing!!!!

So suddenly people will want to get all friendly and nice and sweet, and want to know more about me and my life, especially as I try to shut it all out and keep my space to myself. Does it somehow have a

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Girl About Town: Why I Threw The Guy Out Of The Pub

image source

So of course after all the sudden and unwanted attention that comes along a girl's way when she is alone at a pub, there are some amazing talents out there who just take that form of unwanted attention to an all new level.

If you are not a regular reader here and did not read about my interesting experience at the bar and the episode about the 'unwritten code' you may want to check that out too ;)

This time I was happily single and happily on my own at a table. The music was good and so was my drink, and I was happy watching others dance and groove and was enjoying the smiles and the evening unraveling.

So suddenly there comes this guy and just comes and stands at my table, no drink in hand coz I realized within seconds that he was already out of his mind drunk, and the 'hero' came and stood right next to me, even as his very decent friend was trying to get him out of there. I could see the friend was already embarrassed, that he could see I was not amused. And then??

The moron does an SRK pose, with his arms going out on both sides and singing along to the English tracks albeit with an SRK pose !!! He surely doesn't know which Khan camp I am on, else he may have tried a different pose, just saying ;)

It went on for about half a minute or so, while I told the guy to move away and that I was not getting amused. The pose was going on and then the guy decided to get even closer, at which point I got up, ready to push him off when the friend finally managed to pull him away and leave.

I got back to being with myself and was just getting back to the mood when the guy came back again, this time alone. I knew what my reaction would be, so I gestured him to stop right there, while he was still a little away from where I was sitting. Of course a no or a gesture that means no is quite incomprehensible to most guys and they have a hard time deciphering the same.

So alas the fool came over.

And then Debo got up. And asked him to get up and get out. And held his hand and walked him towards the door. And glared and shouted. And people started staring. And women smiled at me and smirked at him. And guys stared him and looked at me with weird eyes that said they were contemplating what this mad woman would do next.

And then as I went out with the guy and the staff and some of the bouncers, I gave him a piece of my mind. And told him that I wanted to push and slap him but I was sparing him that humiliation as he was already facing a lot of it.

And his response?

'But you can't slap me or push me na?'

And my response. "Of course I can. I am just still trying to be polite and in control here."

And his response again. "But you know I love you and you love me too, so you won't slap me."

I guess I should just do a facepalm and leave it there......

Of course he was thrown out ;)

- Debolina Raja

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tales From The Lift: LIZZY Boy !!!!

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If you read the title, which I'm kind of guessing you already did, you really know that that's all there is to this Tales From The Lift  series and that it will even be enough if I leave it at that..

But let me continue...

So as usual I was heading out last night to my night walk, which is one of those hours that I really look forward to each day, an hour and a half of non-stop walking and loud loud music in my ears, that time when I switch out everyone and everything else.

So I was waiting for the lift and was queuing up some favourite tracks while listening to some already. The lift arrives and I get in without looking anywhere, alone and happy.

And then the doors closed.

And they actually closed.

And I was alone.

In the lift.

With him.

As I looked into his eyes I realized he had already been eyeing me, and he was looking at me with that dedication that said he was just that much into me, and not at all interested in what was going on around him.

I knew I had to look somewhere else then.

I knew I had to tear my eyes off of him.

But I still wasn't able to.

It was as if he had hypnotized me.

With that unblinking stare, the look that told me it was only me that mattered to him then.

I could feel my heartbeat rising, my pulse was already racing like there was going to be no tomorrow ever again.

Had he followed me in?

Was he stalking me?

How did he know I would take the lift right at that moment?

I couldn't breathe then, even though I was trying, and his eyes were all that I could see.

I knew then that he had me hypnotized, completely.

And then the doors of the lift opened.

There was no one outside, and as I was trying to run out, I could see he was making a dash for the door too.

But I managed to escape. Finally. From his grasp.

I knew I was saved last night.

From him.

From being eaten up alive by him..... the lizzard.....

Ohhh someone help !!!!!! 

- Debolina Raja Gupta

And like I always believe in and say:
"Heal the world we live in
Save it for our children" - MJ

Debolina Raja Gupta